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Grounds keeper

Collect trash and sort recycled materials on daily basis (if so instructed by his superior). Perform heavy rigging and inter building moving and assist the custodial and maintenance departments as required. Repair sidewalks and perform small masonry jobs .Cut grass, repair damaged lawns, prune trees and hedges, operate motorized lawn and garden equipment and perform routine cleaning and maintenance.Lay out and tend to flower beds and other decorative vegetation. Operate sandblaster and use chemicals to remove graffiti throughout the campus.Remove snow and ice from walks and driveways. Operate motorized snow removal equipment, shovel and salt if necessary. During winter, it is necessary for us to work and stay throughout duration of storm, we cannot leave until campus has been cleared of snow and ice, no exceptions.

$$10.80 per hour
This job is located on-campus.
20 plus hours per week
Department: Facilities
Name of Contact: Joseph Melo
Semesters: Spring, Fall, Winter,

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